Teenage mutant ninja turtles (TMNT)

This animated movie is a bit overdone. It is pleasant that it is not about Schredder and the beginnings but ...
I don't want to spoil anything, so I just fill you readers in with the origin of the overlord enemy: 3000 years ago there was a brotherhood, who wanted to rule the world. (Simple people) They had a secret weapon that in every 3000 (nice round number, they made sure that Jesus does not interfere) years (when some stars align) gives it's user great power. But something goes wrong and the following things happen:

  • All the generals of the arch enemy transform into statues
  • The arch enemy itself becomes immortal
  • 13 monsters come to this world through a dimensional door

I bet the movie making crew was very tired and sweating after coming up with sophisticated things like 3000 years, world domination so they collected some actions from who knows where (encyclopedias, Google, kids) wrote down on pieces of paper and put it in a hat. Than they came up with a heavy number: 3 and pulled out three pieces of paper from the hat that contained the mentioned happenings.

Ok, bottom line: 0 fantasy, I did not like this movie.

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