Summary of recently played games

Verdict: one of the best games. Super graphics, possibility to evolve and the best thing: the best story ever. Definitely must play.

Clive Barker's Jericho
Verdict: a good game to play. The good: super graphics, interesting team play, good horror story. The bad: very linear forced story, bugs that do not let you move to the next checkpoint, checkpoint based save game, abrupt ending.

Verdict: a game you should play. The good: best graphics ever, game very playable (easy controls, health regenerating = no health packs), action, every vehicle usable, almost everything destructible. The bad: VERY short and stupid ending single player, few weapons, lazy AI; the single player story ends when you expect the game to begin.

The witcher
Verdict: boring. Based on reviews the game is revolutionary, beautiful, super story etc. In my opinion it is boring. There is a new combat system that replaces hack and slash continuous left clicking with a left-click-wait-for-the-end-of-combo left-click-again system. This means that you have to pay attention to the moves of your character and left click again - not sooner, not later - when he finishes his move. I did not like it. In my opinion this game is not a role playing game.
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