About Wordpress

I needed a new blog. In spite of having tried Wordpress two times already and was left disappointed both times I thought I give it another shot. "Let's see what the new version can do" I thought to myself.

I created a blog, choose a template, and tadam! I had my first article, tag line and comment automatically added. So I went and removed that article, changed the tag line and moved on to edit the template because there was a friggin' smiley in the footer!
As it turns out the templates are not editable, customizable, uploadable or anything (maybe they are and I could not find out how... than it's not userfriendly!). You can edit the CSS though, so maybe you can change the color of the smiley and the "template created by ..." text to the color of the background. I did not stay long enough to find that out.
Another thing: there are a sh!tload if widgets in Wordpress but you cannot add your own content to the sidebar or footer, like a Google analytics tracker code for example. (Or maybe I could not find out how. Again, user friendlyness)

At least the "Delete blog" procedure went smootly.

End of the story: moved to blogger, although the desired name was not available I created FormulareUtile.blogspot.com, customized the template (you can declare variables, then edit the values in a designer. Very cool), added my custom code, custom sidebar content and finally my first article.

Only one thing missing from blogger that is in wordpress: Additional tabs/pages. Don't worry, I'll live somehow.
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