Vodafone 360 synch with Nokia E51

Vodafone 360, formerly ZYB, an online service which I mostly use to store my contacts, has problems with SMS sending to my Nokia E51.
Usually I abandon a service after I encounter a serious error but this one is very important to me because it is the only solution to extract a usable contact list from all the stupid services I use on the internet.
So without the service sending me the application in SMS I cannot synchronize my phone with the service. I contacted them. After several email-based discussions they manually validated my phone number and sent me the following instruction list:
If you are still unable to download "360 People", below are SyncML settings that you can use to sync your profile.

"Please carry out the steps below to manually configure a Nokia E51 to synchronize contacts via SyncML.

1. Press the Menu key.
2. Select Tools.
3. Select Sync.
4. Press Options; a pop-up menu will appear.
5. Select New sync profile; if the handset asks to copy values from an existing profile, press 'No'.
6. Select Sync profile name.
7. Enter 'People'.
8. Press OK.
9. Select Applications.
10. Select Contacts.
11. Highlight Include in sync, then press Options to change the value to "Yes".
12. Select Remote database.
13. Enter 'contacts'
14. Press OK.
15. Press Back.
16. Press Back again.
17. Select Connection settings.
18. Select Host address.
19. Enter 'http://sync.vodafone360.com'
20. Press OK.
21. Select User name.
22. Enter your [360 username]
23. Press OK.
24. Select Password.
25. Enter [Your 360 Password]
26. Press OK.
27. Press Back.
28. Press Back again.
29. Select 'People', a pop-up menu will appear.
30. Select Synchronise; a pop-up menu will appear.
31. Select a valid data connection."

I followed the steps and the synchronization worked perfectly.
They still have a lot of issues they need to repair but the service is usable.

I hope I helped someone!
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