Single HTML webpage without JavaScript

I really like this concept of having all the content in a single HTML page and show/hide the sections using CSS. I would like to use it in some future project.

For me the interesting- and new part is the following CSS

/* ------- Sections ------- */

section {
  padding: calc(6em + 5vw) 5vw 8vw 5vw;
  /* ! Everything below is needed ! */
  display: none;
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  min-height: 100vh;
  width: 100%;
  background: var(--bgcolor);

section:target { /* Show section */
  display: block;

section#home { /* Show #home by default */
  display: block;


The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is a collection of very detailed articles explaining JavaScript from the basics to advanced topics.

The GitHub repo has 12k+ stars.


Create slideshows from MarkDown, using Pandoc

You can use Pandoc to produce an HTML + JavaScript slide presentation that can be viewed via a web browser. I am planning on presenting my slideshows in the future using revealjs so this is perfect for me. I am a big fan of MarkDown.

I am also planning on rewriting my localization converter into something like Pandoc, so that it can be used from command line.


How to train above level 30 in "Yendorian Tales 3 - The Tyrants of Thaine"?


In Yendorian Tales 3, The Tyrants of Thaine I cannot train above level 30. The only potential trainer seems to be the one in the keep, but he does not yet accept me.





I went through the following steps

  • Opened the save file with a hex editor
  • Searched for "1E" hex value (meaning 30 in decimal, as in level 30 of one character), changed it to "1F" (decimal 31)
  • This increased the level of one of the characters to 31 (mine was the 4th character)
  • Loaded up the save-game, went to the trainer in the keep. The trainer unlocked something, because I could trained one of the level 30 guys to 31 (in my case the 1st character), then saved
  • With the editor I decreased the artificially increased level of the 4th character back to 30. Loaded up the game and proceeded normally


I am not sure, but I might have downloaded the game from DOS Games Archive.

Before you play this, you should definitely check out Yendor 2


Dotgrid - grid-based vector drawing software

Dotgrid is a grid-based vector drawing software designed to create logos, icons and type. It supports layers, the full SVG specs and additional effects such as mirroring and radial drawing.

Super Tiny Icons of popular services

SuperTinyIcons GitHub project is a collection of minuscule SVG versions of popular logos.