Everyone wins

Jeff Atwood is right in his Death Threats, Intimidation, and Blogging article: if the author of a very popular, useful blog decides to close his/her blog, everybody looses.

I would like to complete his idea: a Transylvanian shitty blog author deciding to close his/her blog is a good thing. Everybody wins. The author does not have to spend 30 minutes a day squeezing out a post about some extremely small, unimportant aspect of his/her life trying to link to everyone else's page because they linked to him/her before.

Everyone else wins because they have the opportunity to write a post about how sorry they feel about the shitty blog author closing his/her blog and also mentioning that exactly that day they had a plumbing problem, they found their grandma's favorite wooden childhood pacifier behind the bed or how good it is to be a hippie.

I win because I no longer bump into their boooooring neohippie/gipsy blogs.

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