Power metal band name idea of the day

My first power metal band will be called: "Crimson dragon thunder"
I came up with this on my own, but to underline the limited and well defined themes of power metal check out these links:
Album example:

Steel Masters

01 Demon Warriors 7:29
02 Reign is defeating the Elf 3:38
03 The Kingdoms from five old Shadows 7:21
04 Thousand Orcs from two wild Lands 10:26

I. Two Queens from two glorious Reigns

II. Kings are enchanting one Pain
05 The Darkness enlights mighty Demons 8:02
06 Orcs are enchanting one Age 8:05
07 Fighting Rage 4:42
08 The Lords from five wise Fires 3:31
09 A Wonder fights Shadows 9:02

Bonus tracks
10 Blood is enlightening one Wonder 3:45
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