How to pulse a redstone signal N times in Minecraft?

This is the most compact design we could come up with to pulse (or emit) 5 redstone signals. We are using this redstone circuit design to signal blulectric motors to open and close a door/gate.

Wire color codes on the left:
  • Red color: redstone signal input, using a button
  • White and black: outputs emit 5 signals in 0.800 second intervals

  1. After a button is pressed a signal arrives to the latch in the middle
  2. The latch outputs a signal to the left or to the right
  3. The signal from the latch activates a timer that starts ticking in every 0.800 seconds (the preferred interval for blulectric motor steps)
  4. The timer's signal increases the counter and decreases the other counter on the other side of the system
  5. When the counter reaches the maximum count (in our case 5) it outputs a signal that stops the timer.
  6. So after 5 steps this side of the system has stopped and the other side's counter was reset to 0.
  7. Pressing the button again changes the latch to the other side and the whole thing starts again

The counter solution has the ability to stop the process in the middle of execution and revert it. If the door has already closed 3 steps and the button is pressed again, the door will retract exactly 3 steps.

An updated, more compact (6x4) design:

(Our server runs FTB, texture pack used is Sphax)
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